Bethel Dunkard Brethren Church

               Sunday, August 2nd, 2020
The family of Sister Fern Ness invites you to join them in blessing her with cards for her 90th birthday on August 8, 2020.  Since her stroke in October, she has been moved to a personal care home. She is in declining health.  There has been a no-visitor policy in place, and all activities take place in the residents’ rooms.  Your cards and notes will brighten her day!

There are a few positions that need to be filled for the upcoming school year. 
 Kindergarten teacher
High School English teacher
High School Room monitor
Yearbook teacher
If you or someone you know is interested or would like more information, please see a school board member

General Conference for 2021 is scheduled for June 18th to the 23rd. The location will be Central College in Pella, Iowa.

Fall Revivals - Sept 20th - 27th

 Sunday School Lesson
Luke 18:9-34
Barriers and Bridges to Following Christ